About us

Our company

Biker Billet was founded in 2017  by a core team of gas headed record holder riders whose sole goal was bringing the best possible shopping experience to any enthusiast /pro  who visits us, at our dealer store or online.

Being a team of Gas headed Engineers, we decided to bring our degree to test and started making some Safety Accessories / products for our motorbikes . Even before we could realise that we have started making world class products , our products was been appreciated by other co riders who were using it . Soon we decided to form a company to bring the production more systematic, that's how Bikers Billet was founded.

At Bikers Billet, we know that a large and rider-specific product selection is a commodity within the world of motorcycle gear and parts web sites. There is a lot of competition out there and to an extent we all have overlapping product selections. We hope our straightforward and fair customer approach differentiates us from the pack and speaks to how serious we are about putting our customer's satisfaction as our number one priority.

We use the same products on our bikes, which is a fair reflection for assurity we can provide to our customers.

At Bikers Billet the customer always comes first and we do our best to make sure that each customer has an experience which is exemplary of our brand.

All our products are proudly Made in India , starting from raw material procurement to final finished product .

We hope that you enjoy shopping with us Now and in the near future.

Our team

We are a group of Engineers by fate and bikers by choice who knows the feeling of flying … of freedom … that a great ride brings. Imagine those feelings intensified by the safety net added to protect  your ride and we are  on the way to intensify them .

Among us are riders like Souvig Sarkar (Limca Book Record Holder for fastest East West Expedition) who have whisked their way along the roads to get there often find themselves going much, much slower once there, without even realizing  it and then innovating some of the essentials for our rides.

Our team consists of people from various strata of life, we have welders , machine workers ,painters etc. who may not have a degree but have unmatched talent which may very well put any degree to a toss.

Our team consists of members whose experience in machine work field are well above our current age....

Our gas headed engineers test each product on their precious bikes before bringing it to final production.  So quality and durability  are two things that we too sell with our products.

Rest let's our product talk about our team and our effort we invest.

Souvig Sarkar and the rest of the Bikers Billet Team.


Best product no compromise with the quality..earlier I used ktm powerpart front crash pad...this product far better then KTM POWERPART and any other related brand in a very regionable price.....

Rohit Singh

Top-notch material when compared to 3rd party KTM sliders.
Sliders were nice and it was comfortably installed.High finishing and material seems to do the job well.Thank u bikers billet....

Vishnu Lal

Great product with Great Quality
This product is made in India. Loved the product quality and fitting. Keep innovating such product and quality at this competitive price.


Perfect pair of Swing arm slider for my bike protection. Quality that of an international.

Amazon Customer